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A Billion Dollar Seminar

If you've ever wondered what it's like to attend a seminar in which the knowledge shared is responsible for over $10 BILLION in funded transactions, keep on reading!

Last week found me down in San Diego California, somewhere I haven’t now been for almost 2 years. We ALL know what we have to thank for THAT! It was incredibly refreshing to get back down to what I like to call my second home, but what made it even more exciting is that I was going down to both attend and serve as one of the executive coaches for Oren Klaff’s Vortex 2021 event.

Let me back up for just a moment, because perhaps you’re not familiar with who Oren is. Oren Klaff is the Founder and Director of Capital Markets at Intersection Capital, one of the world’s leading experts on raising capital and negotiation, and is the best-selling author of two books that have been classified as mandatory reading for anyone in Silicon Valley: Pitch Anything and Flip The Script. These books and Oren’s training have been fundamental for building my own service and sales training that’s now responsible for adding over $10M to my client’s bottom lines (Thanks Oren!). Seriously, if you haven’t read these books or listed to them on audible, what the heck are you waiting for. Stop what you’re doing and go and grab them NOW!

I’ve now been involved with Oren and his amazing team (and they are INCREDIBLE… Rita and Liz you guys FREAKING ROCK!) for just over a year. During my tenure as a Tony Robbins Coach and Business Results Trainer I had heard of this Oren Klaff guy, speaking at Tony’s Business Mastery event, but truth be told I really had no idea who he was or really what he did. It wasn’t until I had signed up for Kerwin Rae’s Nail It And Scale It program, and met my now brother from down under, Martin Eade, The Sales Strategist, that brought it all together. It was Martin, sharing one little tidbit with me, making a subtle suggestion for me to go and check out Pitch Anything, that really put the icing on the cake. Since that fateful and incredible day (where I’m sure I completely messed up Martin’s sales pitch by jumping right in before he could get a word in edgewise and ask if he took Visa or Mastercard), we’ve become fast friends (truly more like brothers) and share in what is undoubtably one of the world’s best and brightest Brain Trusts that I’ve ever been exposed to. I purposely chose NOT to use the word mastermind here, because this elite exclusive cabal of business leaders is far beyond that.

It was though Oren’s Pitch Mastery program that I was introduced to Daniel Berger, Orens partner and Chief Revenue Officer of Intersection capital, and how & why I became one of the Pitch Mastery Coaches. Truth be told, I turned the opportunity down at first as I didn’t see it being a fit for the direction that myself and the business was on. There’s quite a story behind this and we’re now about to completely change the trajectory of UE Coaching & Business Consulting in the absolute best of ways.

But enough about that for now… what about the seminar?

The 2021 Vortex event was an incredible 3 days (4 for me) of learning about, working on, testing out, and rewriting pitches. Oh… and of course I got to coach incredibly successful business leaders from all over the world, helping them turn their million-dollar pitches into BILLION (yes…Billion with a B) dollar pitches.

Talk about working with the elite of the elite.

Oren and Daniel served like no other. They taught the true power of never being needy – of why and how neediness actually repels your prospects (I’ve even got the coin to prove it!) and sends them running for the hills, far far away from your client roster and keeping their money OUT of your bottom line. If you really want to become the true master of sales, the first practice to master is eliminating need out of the equation.

They discussed how to address and share the current changes in the marketplace that every business owner or operator needs to be aware of, but often times fails to see due to change blindness, and exactly why those changes are the clear signal to take action. We worked with many of the participants to craft their very own unique compelling messages around this powerful lesson, and then had them jump up on stage with Oren to break down what they had created and make it even stronger.

It was amazing to watch the brave ones step onto that stage and then create inception in the minds of the audience. I know it sounds like magic and perhaps it is, but when you master utilizing the prewired idea receptors that are already within each person’s brain, it’s literally like feeding them candy.

Certainty is something everyone needs to have and feel at a very high level, especially when they’re being pitched an opportunity that has an investment price of $10 to $100M or more. We were taught how to create that incredible sense of certainty that clearly establishes YOU as the complete expert in the field, leaving absolutely no room for doubt that YOU are the one that will save us all.

And then it was on to the close – teaching everyone how to close the deal, except… it wasn’t.

Oren completely flipped the script on handing objections (to be truthful, he completely eliminated the entire idea of objections) and then getting to a yes (without pressuring them to a yes) by sharing the magic formula for teaching your prospect how to buy from you. He shared how to actually leverage the pessimism that many prospective buyers face, and then how to actually turn over full autonomy to those same buyers, having them believe that it’s their decision to go ahead and purchase your product or service.

Think of that for a moment… a way to actually teach your prospective buyer to purchase from you. How big of a difference would THAT little gem alone make for you and your business?

For me, here’s what’s GREAT about this experience, aside from rubbing shoulders with some incredibly influential people. I got to do my reps. Truth be told I’ve heard this information at least 100 times before, and although the narrative wasn’t exactly same (Oren’s the master at inserting color into any conversation), for the most part it was similar to what I had heard and listened to before, and that was the BEST. I say this because that’s where the REAL learning comes in. Not from hearing it once or twice (or even twenty times) and then declaring yourself the master of all knowledge, rather hearing, practicing, and then applying the knowledge over and over. Remember… Repetition is the master skill. To be the “master” takes practice and repetition and that’s exactly what this event offered me. The incredible opportunity to work with the best of the best, and practice on the best stage in the world.

It also takes having a plan – having a consistent structure to follow over and over, and that’s exactly what the Pitch Anything Vortex 2021 event gave all of us. A proven system to constantly and consistently produce repeatable results. A process that’s responsible for over $10+B in completed transactions.

If you’re curious to learn more about the Vortex 2021 event, how to up your own pitch or sales processes or even how you can be a part of next year’s event, send us a message and we’ll be sure to put you in contact with one of our team members to see if you and your business have what it takes to become the next big success story!