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The Impact of Knowing Your Communication Strengths & Weaknesses

Do you consider yourself an exceptional communicator? We can all use improvement in our communication skills and as we all know, good communication skills are essential to success in business and life. The problem with people is that everyone has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to communicating.

Many individuals are blind to their own communication strengths and weakness. However, by analyzing these two aspects about yourself, you can determine how they can impact your business dealings and future success.

Everyone has a natural communication style that can either help or sabotage you as you interact with those around you.

If everyone in your office communicated in the same way, this would make life easier. Unfortunately, we all communicate differently, and this can be a challenge when interacting with each other.

For example, you may want to speak with someone face-to-face about an urgent matter that needs to be completed, while another person may simply send out an email to have the task done.

We believe that your organization needs both types of communicators.

Why? Because, if everyone spoke the same "language", things would be a lot simpler - there would be no hurdles. But... we all have our own methods of communicating, and this can cause difficulties when interacting with others if you're not aware of the different ways people communicate.

Do any of these statements sound familiar

· "I don't think they heard me."

· "Why can't he ever listen to what I'm trying to tell him?"

· "Sue always turns the conversation back onto herself. It is so frustrating!"

If you recognize yourself in one or more of these statements, you may need to improve your communication skills.

How can we effectively interact with others as individuals?

As a first step, it's critical to acknowledge and accept your natural style of communicating, which you can't change. When interacting with others, recognizing what makes you tick may be beneficial.

The next step is to consider the many types of communicators and attempt to communicate in their style. You must try to put yourself in the shoes of others when attempting to comprehend how other people perceive the world. This will prompt you to seek to understand others from their perspective.

There's a method to help you figure out YOUR communication style, and it's called The DISC assessment, which has been used for decades to find out how people interact with one another.

The DISC assessment system is the ultimate tool to help you understand not only your own personality, but why we communicate and interact in certain ways and how that affects others.

Utilizing this assessment is a useful tool for business owners and operators to measure their team's retention rates, as well as any improvements that might be needed regarding workforce needs.

By taking a quick quiz based on DISC theory, not only will you learn more about your own personal communication style, but you will also uncover the secrets to how you communicate with others

DISC theory helps you identify the best approach to take when communicating with others. The theory has been used by researchers to identify dominant, influential, and compliant traits in individuals.

The assessment will provide insight into the different personality traits that can improve your communication and relationships with others, including

· Dominance: How assertive you are

· Influence: How well you manage relationships

· Stabilizing: How patient and steady you are

· Cautious: How sensitive and responsive you are to others' needs

As well as providing information about your communication style, the assessment will uncover your behavioral strength and weaknesses.

For instance:

· Do you prefer written communication, or do you like to communicate verbally?

· Do you prefer face-to-face meetings where possible, or would you rather communicate in writing?

Remember that it's not only important to understand yourself, but also to understand others.

The DISC evaluation can assist you in determining how to interact with others in order to create strong connections and enhance business results. It also aids you in understanding how people want to be communicated with and enhances self-awareness by helping you understand why you act in certain ways.

By taking a DISC assessment, you’ll be able to:

· Increase your own self-awareness of your innate personality traits

· Improve the way you communicate with others by understanding different personality types and learning how best to interact with them

· Improve your relationships at home, in the workplace and in business

· Improve your ability to lead, motivate and build better relationships with your team

When you improve your communication skills, not only do you become more productive and successful in your personal and professional relationships, but also feel happier knowing that you can interact with others effectively

DISC is a powerful tool that’ll help you understand not only your own communication style, but the styles of those around you.

The DISC personality assessment can help people understand their strengths and weaknesses, so they know how best to communicate with other employees or clients. This will result in better teamwork, which leads toward success for everyone

I know it's not easy to believe, but this framework really does provide an unfair advantage when communicating with people. Understanding someone’s behavioral style will allow you to tailor messages that are most likely going resonate them and give your communications the best chance for success.

So, if you haven't already, find out your communication strengths and weaknesses today!