"Jamie, you always show up on our calls with tons of energy and enthusiasm. Not for you but for me. Sometimes just this energy boost is all I need. Your insight is always on target and you have brought many ideas to me for growth of both my business and me personally. I always know I am going to be excited about the future when I get off a call with you. Thank You!"

Trent W

"I enjoy most the accountability and how we are able to create routines and allocations based on my priorities/principles which allows me to go through my days with intention while reaching my goals."

Jonathan B

"Being accountable, your consistent focus on me becoming my best self."

Pam C

"I must thank you, I know how genuinely you care and that means a lot!"

Tim B

"I enjoy the tools that put in place the concept of building the team."

Chad B

"I'm enjoying the mental breakthroughs and AHA moments. I just love every session.

Thank you so much, Jamie!"

Cheryl P

"I am loving the energy and the accountability."

Michael S

"I am continuing to uncover creative resources and capabilities and strategies for growth. What has been even more fun has been sharing them!"

Michael B

"Learning about different things and seeing the "light at the end of the tunnel" as to how I can break down goals into sustainable portions."

Tonia V

"Feels like I'm stepping into a different level! Taking IT out to the public with bold invitations to what I have to offer. THANK YOU for guiding me to this place!!!"

Frank Z

"I am enjoying the challenge and the love and effort you put into this!"

Kevin G

"Accountability and clarity from speaking with someone who’s not in the fire with me and can point to things I don’t see."

John Y

"What I enjoy most about coaching is knowing you are there as my coach. To see where I am weak, where my strengths are, to know where to focus and train harder, and to be in my corner making me accountable."

Jennifer M

"I have more clarity as to why I do things now and what my purpose is. My coach has been a blessing."

Cindy J

I feel extremely supported and motivated as a result of coaching. It has helped me to keep focused on my goals and moving towards them.

Sheena C

"My coaching experience has been outstanding which has to do with my coach and I being aligned right from the beginning."

Carlos V

"Jamie has been simply excellent. He’s guided me through my discovery of my new path and career. His ability to consistently ask insightful questions is amazing."

Paul B

"Jaime is personable and he gets results. I've been in therapy for so long and I thought coaching would be similar, but it is so different and action-oriented. Within the first few calls, I had accomplished a goal that I had been putting off for 15 years."

Nausheen A

"His energy. He is patient. Focused. Energized. Committed. He's just everything I would want in a coach. Consistent."

Elizabeth L

"My experience has been awesome! Jamie really digs deep and asks me questions that make me truly reflect on what I want in life and create a vision for my goals."

Jonathan B

"Jamie has guided me patiently through the hardest time of my life. I'm finally seeing changes and is all because of his efforts and patients."

Sara T

"He quickly sees the place where action and focus can change something important. Our minds work quickly and well together."

Pam C

"Jamie’s coaching has helped me get clear on my dreams and what I want and also has helped push me forward despite being scared."

Debbie A

"My experience has been excellent! I reflect on the progress made towards my goals, maintaining clarity, embracing elevation, and the assurance & security I have in stepping towards manifesting my goals and vision makes me feel and reminds me of the amazing power I have."

Frank Z

"Jamie is doing what a hundred "goal" books have failed to do. He's keeping me on track and, most importantly, moving forward!"

Johnny M

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