What is Coaching?

As a Business Mentor and Coach, I get asked a lot as to what I really do. Some of the stuff that comes up is “are you going to mess with my mind?”, “can you be my therapist” or even better yet – “will you be taking over running my business?” While all entertaining, none of these examples are even close to what I do.

See, here’s the thing. I LOVE to do what I do – not just like or not just think it’s cool, I absolutely LOVE to do what I do. Why do I love it? Because what I really do is help new and established business operators relieve unnecessary stress, scale their businesses, and finally step into the role of a true business owner. That’s it right there, and that’s what sets me apart from the rest… all without having to take over and run your business!


What I do is custom-tailored to each and every individual & business. Although we’ll always start with a solid foundation of my Business Accelerator Program, the magic happens when you take the knowledge you’re now about to learn and apply it in your business with ongoing mentorship from myself or my team. This is not a “rinse and repeat” strategy; doing the exact same thing for every business. You are an individual and your business and its needs are unique, and that’s why we approach every single new applicant with a student’s mind because as much as you’re about to learn from this program, myself and my team will also be learning about YOU so that we can ensure that we serve and deliver at the highest of levels.

Do we go deep? Hell yes – there’s no other way to go. This is where the gold is. When you discover that you can release all those fears of judgment and allow your true amazing self to come out and play, you unlock and enable the real change to happen.

And change is what it’s all about, because if you’re seeking a Business Mentor or Coach, or are even considering someone who can assist you with paving a new business path forward, then you know that change is a must.

So, What Is Business Mentoring & Coaching?

Well, we know what it’s not, so let’s discuss what it is. Business Mentoring & Coaching is about moving you FORWARD. It’s about realizing that everything in your life & business thus far has happened FOR you and not TO you. Business Mentoring & Coaching is about recognizing what it is that you’re no longer willing to tolerate in your life & business and it’s most certainly about closing the gap from where you are, to where you know your business deserves to be.

Business Mentoring & Coaching with UE Coaching is about taking charge of your life, your wealth, your business your health, and your relationships. The Ultimate Business Development Program (U.B.D.P) provides you with the strategies and unstoppable mindset to take back your time and discover all the areas where you can optimize both your life AND your business.

The U.B.D.P is strategically designed to set you up with principles that encourage you to discover the opportunity in every moment, fostering radical business growth, elevating your business, new or existing, to entirely new and extraordinary levels.

Jamie Adamchuk has been in the professional business training industry for well over 11 years, serving executive management teams worldwide. He’s worked with multiple industries including healthcare, restaurant & food service, heavy equipment & real estate, specializing in Extraordinary Customer Service and Strategic Business Growth.

Jamie has served with the Anthony Robbins Group of Companies as a Tony Robbins Certified Elite, Master, and Platinum Coach, along with providing his services as a Tony Robbins Business Results Trainer...

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How Do We Move Forward?

#1 – Via the link below you’ll apply to the Ultimate Business Development Program

#2 – If your application is successful, we’ll have a frank discussion on exactly where your business is at, and what you’re prepared to do to achieve your results. (This call is provided courtesy of Gateway Business Brokers and is valued at $847.00, so show up ready to play full out!)

#3 – You make the decision to move forward and we select a time for the personalized group training & private mentoring to take place.

#4 – YOU and your team take massive determined action towards your results and DO THE WORK!

That last part was a big one. Why? Because that’s one of the single most important things you and your team can do to achieve your results – do the work. For the most part, the answer has been or is already there – it’s all a matter of assisting you in discovering your path to your results and then setting up a great action plan for you to achieve them.

This is it. This is the secret and this is the “dissected alchemy” of what I do, and it’s how I’m able to help business operators from all over the world relieve that unnecessary stress, scale their businesses and become true business owners.

If you’ve now committed to making success your only option, you’re ready to learn a proven productivity system for you and your business, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to take your new or existing business to the next level, then I know with certainty that we’ll be speaking soon!

So What’s Next?

Go ahead and click the gold button below to submit your application for the Ultimate Business Development Program.